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Resistant in old age

Everyone is waiting for a corona vaccine. But how high will the willingness to vaccinate be? The influenza vaccination rate for people over 65 shows that there are great global differences.

Deaths per year: According to the World Health Organization, seasonal flu can be so lethal.

Recommended, but unpopular: Influenza vaccinations have not been a “must-have” in Austrian vaccination records. Only eight percent of the population normally start the winter with a vaccination against the seasonal "real flu". In contrast, there are flu waves with infection rates of five to 15 percent of the population and around a thousand deaths per year, according to the Ministry of Social Affairs. 

The influenza vaccination rate among over 65s shows great differences depending on the country.

This year, the motivation to drop by the doctor for a poke should increase by leaps and bounds: The fear of a double illness with SARS-CoV-2 and influenza could trigger a run for flu protection, especially in the risk group of over 65s. And not just in Austria. According to Fortune Business Insights, influenza vaccine manufacturers are on a growth path: The global market, which was around four billion dollars in 2018, is expected to reach around 2026 billion dollars by 7,3, an average of 7,7 percent per year. According to this, large vaccination campaigns by government agencies and international organizations are likely to boost demand. And, according to forecasts, people in the Asia-Pacific region in particular will increasingly rely on physical strengthening using “flu shots”.

Source: Statista