Elbow bump The chief negotiators Robert Dussey and Jutta Urpilainen announce the new Cotonou Agreement.

24.6.2021 After almost three years of discussions, the breakthrough came at the end of April: the negotiations for the Cotonou follow-up agreement - also known as Cotonou 2.0 - between the EU states and 79 countries from Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific region were concluded. The agreement in principle, which is valid for the next 20 years, regulates the framework conditions for trade between the EU and the largely former colonies and, like the previous agreements, is intended to combine trade and development policy. The future cooperation will focus on climate, environment and sustainable development. In addition, the EU has announced that it will budget almost 2027 billion euros for development cooperation by 80. The “Europe in the World” program is primarily intended to promote climate protection and the fight against poverty. Around 30 billion euros are earmarked for sub-Saharan Africa.

Photo: Urpilainen / Twitter