Out of Africa

Frederik Schäfer, corporAID

Issue 91 - summer 2021

Frederik Schäfer, corporAID team
Frederik Schäfer, corporAID

Fortunately, today you no longer have to put Meryl Streep and Robert Redford under the Kenyan umbrella acacia or have the Colombian Shakira sing Cameroonian verses ("Waka Waka") for a film or song with an African theme to be successful in Europe or the USA. On our neighboring continent, there is an exciting and high-quality cultural scene that spills over into the whole world and helps to overcome the outdated image of the African continent in crisis. With great success: According to the head of the Warner Music Group, the most exciting development of 2020 was how enthusiastically African music and artists have been received by fans around the world. And the corresponding economic potential doesn't just make business angels sit up and take notice. Rather, the development aspect is also coming more and more into focus: Social entrepreneurs as well as development organizations have long recognized that there are unprecedented opportunities in this rapid catching-up process. 

Photo: Mihai M. Mitrea