The USA are increasingly relying on development aid
Important donor USAID has an annual budget of nearly 17 billion euros and offices in more than a hundred countries.

25.3.2021 With US President Joe Biden, multilateralism and development aid should become more important again: Immediately after taking office, the US rejoined the Paris Agreement and the World Health Organization. And the United States is providing up to four billion dollars for the Covax initiative, which supports poorer countries with corona vaccinations. With Samantha Power, Biden also nominated a human rights expert for the chief position of the development agency USAID. The former US ambassador to the United Nations stands for a new era of "human progress and development," said Biden, who also appoints Power to the main committee of the National Security Council - giving development aid more weight in foreign policy. But Biden also emphasized that it is not just about giving: "When we invest in the economic development of countries, we create new markets for our products and reduce the likelihood of instability, violence and mass migration."

Photo by U.S. Air Force by Sgt. Keith James