corporAID conference 2017

Europe is faced with the challenge of stabilizing in many regions of the world and opening up new opportunities for local people. Successful companies are the basis for economic growth and sustainable development, even in fragile regions. In shaping its international commitment, Austria must increasingly ask itself the question of how to create new perspectives in future markets through partnerships with industry.

With the 2030 agenda, the member states of the United Nations decided on a global transformation towards sustainable development. 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a universal roadmap for the major challenges, such as hunger, poverty, climate change, or building basic infrastructure. Those people who leave their home countries in search of protection or new perspectives, not least show the immediate relevance of such an agenda - and that these are not isolated problems of emerging and developing countries.

Whether the complex global context is clear: For the creation of future prospects in fragile regions and the involvement of the economy is in demand. Enterprises open up access to products and technologies, create jobs, promote higher standards and productivity, invest in skills upgrading, or integrate local producers into international value chains. Companies can become important partners in development cooperation.

Speaker of the corporAID conference 2017

Speaker of the corporAID conference 2017

The corporAID 2017 conference highlighted innovative strategies that leverage the potential of successful companies for sustainable development and the creation of future prospects in fragile regions. International experts presented new tools that provide incentives for companies to invest in challenging markets and support their development. Top entrepreneurs gave an insight into the practical challenges in these regions and show how and why an investment can still pay off.

Time & Place

Thursday, 23th November 2017, 13.00 to about 19.30 clock
WKO (hall 6), Wiedner Hauptstraße 63, 1040 Vienna

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Photos: Mihai M. Mitrea