In the fight against climate change, companies are increasingly relying on bundling forces in alliances.

03.09.2020 Cooperation has a fixed place in the repertoire of many sustainably oriented companies. The voluntary associations revolve around certain raw materials, sectors or resources. There are alliances that work closely with NGOs and others in which companies tend to keep to themselves. Some are well known, others go under the radar of public awareness. In any case, new alliances are constantly being forged. One of the most recent is the “Transform to Net Zero” coalition, with which companies such as Danone, Microsoft, Daimler and Maersk want to promote the climate-friendly restructuring of the economy. The Center for Climate-Aligned Finance wants to achieve this goal - with the help of the financial sector - with Bank of America and Goldman Sachs on board. And as part of the new Water Resilience Coalition, Dow, Coca-Cola, Heineken and Levi Strauss are declaring this Protecting global water resources as a common goal.

Photo: Ian Barbour / Flickr