Austrian know-how

Toll and energy: working with the EBRD

Northern Macedonia

The Balkan country is integrated into the pan-European transport network, but so far has hardly benefited from it. This should come with an electronic toll collection system that the EBRD uses

32 million euros financed, change. The toll stations on the north-south corridor X are to go online as far as 2020, while the tenders for the East-West Corridor VIII are currently underway. The consultants of IC CONSULENTS from Vienna support the road construction company of the country in the preparation of the tender documents, the supervision of the construction work and advise them on technical and legal issues to commissioning.


Ukraine has given 2016 a new building code in accordance with the EU Buildings Directive. To support the conversion, the E7 ENERGIE MARKT ANALYSE GMBH in Wien

developed on behalf of the EBRD with consortium partners a web-based software for calculating the overall energy efficiency of buildings. The software, which will be freely accessible to all market players - designers, architects, energy auditors - enables the creation of easily verifiable energy certificates in accordance with the new standards. The project has already led to follow-up orders from Eastern Europe.