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Reframing Africa: Too much black and white

Issue 94 - spring 2022
Crises, catastrophes, diseases: Despite all the progress made in recent decades, the prevailing image of Africa in this country still has negative connotations - and does not do justice to the diversity of the continent. Why is that - and what can be done about it?

Urbanization: Islands of Heat

Magazine 94 – Spring 2022
Heat is becoming an increasing health risk for city dwellers. But worldwide, innovative pioneers are declaring war on the urban heat.

Global sanitation crisis: The great mission of Mister Toilet

Issue 93 - Winter 2021/22
Jack Sim, founder of the World Toilet Organization, has been explaining the global toilet shortage to the world as "Mister Toilet" for 20 years.

Blockchain: digital pioneers

Issue 92 - Fall 2021
Cryptocurrencies are already being traded vigorously in emerging and developing countries. Now new blockchain applications are to be developed that will benefit the majority of the population. Ethiopia and El Salvador are starting their first attempts.

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Expertise from Austria for projects in developing countries 2022

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In cooperation with the EU, World Bank and Co, Austrian consultants are active in all corners of the world. Find current projects here.

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Marula: Versatile and promising

Issue 94 - spring 2022
Oil obtained from the kernels of the African marula fruit is increasingly being used in care and cosmetic products.

Swimsol: Energy from the sea

Magazine 94 – Spring 2022
With floating solar systems, the company Swimsol wants to curb diesel consumption in the Maldives. A business with sunny prospects.

Talk in threesome: Transformation only happens with companies

Issue 93 - Winter 2021/22
A three-person conversation about entrepreneurial solutions for overcoming global challenges as well as the need for innovation and cooperation.

Economic Partnerships

WiPa: Gaining a foothold in Africa

Issue 94 - spring 2022
For Dutch flower and food plant expert Delphy, sub-Saharan Africa is an important promising market. Several national teams prepare the terrain. The Austrian Development Agency supports a Delphy consultancy project in Kenya.

Cool solutions: A few degrees cooler

Magazine 94 – Spring 2022
Because the earth is getting warmer, people need more cooling. Even simple structural measures can help to reduce heat stress.

CO2 certificates: Not just hot air

Issue 93 - Winter 2021/22
Many companies want to make a contribution to climate protection. One way that is not undisputed is offsetting your own greenhouse gas emissions. New rules that were adopted at the World Climate Conference in Glasgow make the market clearer. And local social entrepreneurs are also successfully involved in the sale of CO2 certificates.


Sanitation: Small business, big business

Issue 93 - Winter 2021/22
Because the world cannot wait until everyone has a classic toilet, resourceful companies are turning to alternative solutions.

GG Group CEO Eva Schinkinger: There are enough incentives...

Magazine 94 – Spring 2022
In the corporAID interview, Eva Schinkinger, CEO of the cable manufacturer GG Group, talks about the major trends in the global automotive industry.


Komptech CEO Heinz Leitner: The potential lies outside of Europe.

Issue 93 - Winter 2021/22
The Styrian waste specialist Komptech is in better shape today than it was before the pandemic. The company is likely to continue to benefit from megatrends such as population growth, climate protection and the circular economy in the future. In any case, CEO Heinz Leitner is optimistic in an interview with corporAID.


Friedrich Stift: There is no shortage of challenges

Issue 93 - Winter 2021/22
Pandemic, climate crisis, wars and terror: According to the new ADA managing director Friedrich Stift, development cooperation is facing major tasks. To counter this, he is building on increased cooperation with innovative companies.


Innio CEO Carlos Lange: We are helping to shape the energy transition

Issue 92 - Fall 2021
For Carlos Lange, CEO of the Jenbacher gas engine manufacturer Innio, globalization is a success story with a future. In an interview with corporAID, he explains how his company is preparing and helping to shape the transformation of the energy sector.

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The longstanding Africa correspondent Bartholomäus Grill outlines a multifaceted and thoroughly personal image of Africa.
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