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Issue 82 - July | August 2019

OeEB CEO Michael Wancata is already looking forward to the first interest of Austrian companies in the new financing instrument.

Michael Wancata, Board Member OeEB
Michael Wancata, Board Member OeEB
Who should be specifically addressed with the African-Austrian SME Investment Facility?

Wancata: In principle, the facility is open to all companies from Austria or the European Union, and numerous companies have already submitted inquiries to us. It is becoming apparent that, on the one hand, there is a need in the area of ​​project development and, on the other hand, in the construction of production sites, which we can cover with this instrument. We are pleased that the interest in Africa on the part of the Austrian SMEs is definitely given, and we have already received some praise from some companies. We see great potential especially for companies with know-how in environmental technology, waste management and renewable energy.

How will the facility be linked to other OeEB offerings? 

Wancata: Of course, our business advisory services, which support the introduction of environmental and social standards, can of course be used if needed. This facility does not differ from other OeEB projects. There are also synergies with the economic partnerships of ADA, since projects can be structured in advance in this context. This reduces the transaction costs. 

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African-Austrian SME Investment

Off to Africa!

At the end of 2018, a new financing instrument for investments in Africa was announced, and now the starting signal has been given: companies can now submit their project proposals for the African-Austrian SME Investment Facility.