guest commentary

Designing supply chains sustainably - an opportunity for the brave

Christoph Soukup, studio for materials and recycling management

Issue 88 - Fall 2020

Christoph Soukup, studio for materials and recycling management

It is now clear to many that we, as producers and consumers alike, contribute to exploitation in other parts of the world in the form of slavery or child labor. While NGOs draw our attention to the most pressing problems, business associations in particular regularly try to prevent a closer look. Nevertheless, it seems clear: legal regulations will come sooner or later. Some countries like France, the Netherlands and the UK already have them.

The current development also offers companies an opportunity: Regulations have always been a catalyst for innovation and change. If respect for human rights in one's own supply chain is becoming a legal requirement anyway, why not make the best of the situation? Go ahead and get the bonus of a pioneer, for example. Finding ways in which what is necessary can be built into the business model in such a way that something sustainable and sustainable is created from it. Customers and employees who are increasingly critical of the actions of companies take away and show that you see more in your own company than a vehicle for maximizing profits.

Christoph Soukop advises and supports companies with his Studio for materials and recycling management.

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