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Lost supplier

Ukraine and Russia provided more than a quarter of the globally traded wheat. Bottlenecks in global supply are now threatening.

Arable land
Millions of hectares of agricultural land have been cultivated in Ukraine to date

The Ukraine is often referred to as the granary of Europe: The country has particularly fertile black earth soils, also known as Chernozem, which ensure high-yield harvests. And there is plenty of that: Around 32 million hectares of agricultural land have been farmed in Ukraine so far, an area larger than Italy. The potential is far from exhausted. The agricultural giant has a total of 42 million hectares of agricultural land and has experienced a major modernization push in recent years, which has brought efficiency gains and higher harvests, especially in large farms. 

Russia has cut off Ukraine from sea trade and restricted the export of its own grain. Since the two countries supplied more than a quarter of the wheat traded globally, there is a risk that the global food situation will deteriorate. (Source: Statista)

Ukraine plays an important role in supplying the world: It is one of the world's largest grain exporters and is also a leading supplier of soya and sunflower oil. In addition, the country has developed into an important producer of organic raw materials. The current war situation makes it difficult to sow in the spring. Failing harvests and a drastically reduced one export offer will have fatal consequences for food security - even thousands of kilometers away from the source of the conflict. 

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