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Cryptos are very popular

Technology-savvy users in Africa or Asia like to use digital coins as an alternative to traditional national currencies.

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Cryptocurrencies mattered Coinmarketcap Mid-June 2021.

Violent exchange rate fluctuations, suspected money laundering, image as an environmental offender: for many people, crypto currencies are above all a dubious investment hype that could soon disappear again. In some countries, however, it has been shown that cryptos offer more than just the hope of quick wealth. Technology-savvy users in Africa or Asia in particular rely on digital coins as an alternative to unstable national currencies and as a cost-effective tool for domestic and international transfers. Governments naturally see this development as a threat rather than an opportunity. 

42 percent of the Nigerians interviewed as part of the Statista consumer survey stated that they own or use crypto money. In comparison, it is only six percent in Germany.

With one exception: El Salvador's President Bukele has announced that it will allow the most famous digital currency, Bitcoin, as an official means of payment - it would be a global premiere. Other states prefer to deal with innovative applications for the time being: Ethiopia has the crypto platform Cardano recently awarded the contract to create blockchain identities for five million schoolchildren and students in order to securely save the stages of their school career, including grades. This is to prevent falsified qualifications, but also to check the quality of the schools. It is quite possible that the crypto world is here to stay. 

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