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Issue 86 - spring 2020

The Nigerian start-up Hello Tractor wants to make agriculture more efficient, says spokeswoman Priscilla Asonibare.

Priscilla Asonibare, Hello Tractor
What does Hello Tractor do?

Asonibare: We have developed an internet-of-things-based application that makes it easier to rent tractors. Our platform aggregates the requests from farmers in a region and communicates them to owners and drivers of suitable tractors. This makes them profitable as resources even within smallholder structures. Today we are the largest and fastest growing digital tractor broker in the world. We already have more than 2.500 vehicles on offer and have made them accessible to 500.000 farmers. We want to further spread our disruptive technology through partnerships with companies and the public sector, because it has the potential to significantly increase agricultural productivity.

What difficulties did you encounter with the target group of small farmers?

Asonibare: It was clear to us from the start that many farmers were poorly literate and not very advanced technologically. However, we thought that farmers would book the tractors on their cell phones because they also use them to make calls and send messages. However, the past five years have taught us that many farmers prefer to book our services with the help of an agent. We therefore rely on young, technically savvy men and women to help them book with the app.

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Photo: Hello Tractor

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