Investments in the health sector, here a hospital in Zimbabwe, should not be missed out by debts.

25.06.2020 Many emerging and developing countries have their backs to the wall in the corona crisis. In order not to jeopardize previous successes in poverty reduction and economic and social development, international donors are providing financial support to developing countries in need. Since March, more than 100 countries have received aid loans from the International Monetary Fund with a total capacity of one trillion dollars. The World Bank plans to provide up to 15 billion dollars over a period of 160 months. Since May, the G20 states have waived the debts of the 77 poorest countries. The debt moratorium will apply until the end of the year; an extension is just as much under discussion as partial debt relief. And the European Union has meanwhile approved an emergency program for developing countries worth 33 billion euros. The aid is to be used primarily for emergency clinics and laboratories in refugee regions, for example in Syria or Bangladesh.

Photo: KB Mpofu / ILO