Innovation platform Verbund X Accelerator

Islands for Austria

300 start-ups have applied to the Verbund X Accelerator innovation platform to fine-tune energy and infrastructure solutions - six promising projects have now been selected.

Caused a stir at the Verbund X Accelerator: Start-up Swimsol from Vienna
Floating PV systems: From the Maldives to Austria

12.04.2021 300 start-ups from 43 countries signed up for the innovation platform last year Verbund X Accelerator advertised in order to develop solutions for the infrastructure and energy sector together with large Austrian companies. Verbund, OMV, BIG and Austrian Post are now working together with six of the submissions. A promising project comes from the start-up Swimsol from Vienna, which has so far mainly been active in developing regions: Swimsol plans and builds floating photovoltaic systems that supply small islands in the Maldives with energy in a space-saving manner. Together with Verbund, potential uses are now being determined in Austria as well. A first location for a 1 MW photovoltaic system has been found, the feasibility of the project is currently being examined and the sun may soon also be captured on domestic reservoirs.

Photo: Swimsol