Choco Changer

Fairtrade cocoa is booming

Discount giant Hofer is increasingly relying on Fairtrade cocoa.

Sustainable cocoa
Sustainable enjoyment The new Choco Changer chocolates in three flavors, available from the discounter Hofer.

19.07.2021 Choco Changer is the name of the new chocolate creations from the Hofer grocery chain. These should not only taste good, but also - as the name suggests - bring about changes: in the cocoa industry in West Africa. The chocolate is Fairtrade certified, but by following the Tony's Chocolonely standards, Hofer's commitment goes one step further. For example, the supply chain is completely traceable and the producers receive an additional bonus. Overall, sales of Fairtrade cocoa in Austria more than doubled in the previous year compared to 2019. "93 percent of the people in this country already know the Fairtrade seal and three out of four Austrians consider fair trade products to be important," says Hartwig Kirner, Managing Director of Fairtrade Austria. In total, Fairtrade products worth EUR 390 million were sold last year - a growth of eleven percent.

Photo: Fairtrade Austria