Africa! Looking back into the future of a continent


Issue 94 - spring 2022

The longstanding Africa correspondent Bartholomäus Grill outlines a multifaceted and thoroughly personal image of Africa.


Bartholomäus Grill, longtime Africa correspondent for the weekly newspapers Die Zeit and Der Spiegel, takes stock of Africa both professionally and personally: Where does Africa really stand today? Where are “our” perceptions contradicted by reality? And what could African solutions to African problems look like? The author, who describes himself as an Afro-realist, sketches a multifaceted picture of Africa by historically classifying current tendencies and daring a hopeful outlook for the future - without falling into an explanatory tone.


Bartholomew Grill: Africa! Looking back into the future of a continent, Siedler Verlag 2021, 288 pages, EUR 22,95