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The best biotopes

1st place: According to a global survey, Canada is the best location to start and expand social enterprises.

Canada, Australia and France are the three countries that currently offer social entrepreneurs the best framework. This is the result of a survey by the Thomson Reuters Foundation and the Made for Good funding program of Deutsche Bank, which was carried out this year for the second time after 2016. More than 600 experts from 44 countries were asked about factors such as access to investors, public understanding or the possibility of attracting qualified employees. Belgium, Singapore, Denmark, the Netherlands, Finland, Indonesia and Chile also made the top ten. Austria is only in 27th place, but is significantly better placed than in 2016 (38th place). Easier access to finance and more public support were key to the rise. Pakistan caused surprises with a strong upward movement from 32nd to 14th place and the US crash from 32st to XNUMXnd place.

Photo: Bernhard Spragg / Flickr