CSR day 2021

Digital sustainability

Under the title “Digi for SDG - The New DNA for Business”, the 21th CSR Day will take place on October 16 as a hybrid event.

CSR day 2021
The campus of the FH Wiener Neustadt provides the backdrop for the 16th CSR day.

13.09.2021 Under the title “Digi for SDG - The new DNA for the economy”, the 21th will take place on October 16st. CSR day as a hybrid event on the stage. Both at the Wiener Neustadt University of Applied Sciences and online, national and international experts from theory and practice come together to discuss how digital innovations, processes and concepts can be used for sustainable business. At the event, organized by the company platform respACT, the link between digitization and sustainability is to be illustrated using specific fields of application such as waste heat utilization or renewable energies. The well-known German philosopher Richard David Precht could be won as keynote speaker.

Photo: FH Wiener Neustadt