Achieving more together

Issue 92 - Fall 2021

For Cora Bay from Leverist, sustainable development can only be achieved in cooperation with business.

Cora Bay,, German Society for International Cooperation
Cora Bay,, German Society for International Cooperation
corporAID: What added value does the involvement of Austrian or European companies in developing and emerging countries have?

Bay: Sustainable development can only be achieved with a multi-stakeholder approach. While the private sector has the know-how and innovative strength, development cooperation can use its knowledge of specific conditions in developing countries and its local network to help companies overcome structural barriers. If these two areas of knowledge are combined, they can work together with even more drive to ensure sustainable development worldwide. 

What prerequisites must development cooperation create in order to offer more points of contact for private sector engagement?

Bay: If we want companies to seize business opportunities in the context of our project work and consequently drive progress in developing and emerging countries, we have to communicate the points of contact clearly and understandably. And that's exactly what we're trying to do with the matchmaking platform Of course, it makes sense to think about the economy right from the start and think about it: How do we manage to integrate more innovations and technologies into the planning of development projects? 

Why should Austrian companies use

Bay: Leverist offers companies from a wide range of sectors and all countries concrete business opportunities as well as the opportunity to come into direct contact with experts in development cooperation. Our colleagues in the partner countries know exactly what a local project needs in order to make it socially, ecologically and economically sustainable. And through the business opportunities on, we establish a direct exchange - for successful sustainable development. 

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Photo: Laura Boysen