corporAID - The Austrian Platform for Business, Development and Global Responsibility (Please Note: Machine Translation)

Event Recaps

Compact summaries and impressions of our past corporAID events as well as selected events in the field of business & development can be found here!

corporAID conference

Engage companies globally

Vienna, 4. December 2019
The corporAID conference 2019 discussed how a paradigm shift can be shaped into a new global partnership and the importance of economic development cooperation.

corporAID Multilogue

Market Creating Innovation

Vienna, 19. November 2019
The corporAID Multilogue: Market Creating Innovation looked at how companies can learn from successful emerging markets players.

corporAID Multilogue

Skills training for new markets

Höchst, 12. November 2019
How companies with practice-oriented training programs in emerging and developing countries contribute to market development, experts discussed in this Multilogue in Vorarlberg.

corporAID Multilogue

Development Investments

Vienna, 4. November 2019
At the corporAID Multilogue on the 4. November in Vienna, the focus was on the role of so-called development investments in return-oriented investments in companies to achieve the SDGs.

corporAID Multilogue

The Wider Circle

Vienna, 12. September 2019
The corporAID Multilogue focused on how companies can seize new opportunities in emerging and developing countries through circular economy and contribute to building sustainable systems.

Foreign Trade Austria

Africa Innovation Challenge

Vienna, 25. June 2019
At the Africa Innovation Challenge local start-ups presented their innovative products, solutions and services for Africa. The ten best ideas won the participation at the South Africa Innovation Summit.

corporAID Multilogue

Together in New Markets

Vienna, 21. May 2019
How sector partnerships and industry clusters can realize new market opportunities in emerging and developing countries, experts and practitioners discussed at this corporAID Multilogue in Vienna.

corporAID Multilogue

Global Responsibility in the Supply Chain

Linz, 8. May 2019
The corporAID Multilogue in Linz focused on how companies perceive global responsibility in the supply chain and what this means for Austrian suppliers.


SDG Business Forum 2019

Vienna, 21. March 2019
At BMDW's SDG Business Forum 2019, experts and practitioners reflected on the opportunities and challenges of current megatrends such as urbanization and the digital revolution in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals SDG.

CSR Circle

Are you already working?

Vienna, 21. January 2019
"Do you only act or are you already acting?", Was the key question of an event of the CSR Circles in the middle of January in Vienna. André Martinuzzi, head of the Institute for Sustainability Management at WU Vienna, presented his research results.