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Here you find information about our current events as well as impressions and summaries of our past corporAID events.

corporAID Multilogue

Global Responsibility in the Supply Chain

Linz, 8. May 2019
The corporAID Multilogue in Linz focused on how companies perceive global responsibility in the supply chain and what this means for Austrian suppliers.

corporAID Multilogue

Together in New Markets

Vienna, 21. May 2019
How sector partnerships and industry clusters can realize new market opportunities in emerging and developing countries, experts and practitioners discussed at this corporAID Multilogue in Vienna.

corporAID Multilogue

Africa's Path to Prosperity

Vienna, 27. November 2018
The corporAID Multilogue showed why a digital transformation in Africa will have to go hand in hand with industrialisation and how European companies can support Africa’s path to prosperity by making use of new market opportunities.

corporAID Multilogue

Energy Solutions for rural Africa

Vienna, 19. April 2018
The corporAID Multilogue: Energy Solutions for rural Africa focused on how Austrian companies can make a contribution to sustainable energy supply and take advantage of market opportunities.

corporAID Multilogue

Rethinking innovation

Vienna, 13. December 2017
At the corporAID Multilogue: Rethinking Innovation experts discussed how domestic companies can access new emerging markets with innovative products and business models

corporAID Multilogue

Vocational training in emerging markets

Vienna, 6. November 2017
Multilogue Using the cooperation of RHI and Mondi with Coparmex in Mexico as an example, he showed how companies at their emerging market locations set up broad-based training courses with dual elements.

corporAID Multilogue

Affordable Excellence

Vienna, 4. October 2018
On the basis of findings of a study by the TU Hamburg-Harburg, experts discussed how frugal innovations can also gain importance in Austrian companies and what implications this has for innovation policy.

corporAID Multilogue

New markets with impact

Feldkirch, 26. September 2017
The corporAID Multilogue New markets with impact in the Vorarlberg Chamber of Commerce dealt with the question of how companies can open up new procurement, employment and sales markets and at the same time promote sustainable development.

corporAID Multilogue

Challenging Development

Vienna, 24. July 2018
At the corporAID Multilogue: Challenging Development experts and practitioners discussed how innovative market-oriented solutions for global challenges can emerge within the framework of new cooperation models.

corporAID Multilogue - Vorarlberg

Doing Business in Africa

Wolfurt, 12. November 2018
Africa is increasingly regarded as a promising continent for companies and investors. The corporAID Multilogue: Doing Business in Africa ​​highlighted opportunities and challenges for European companies on the African continent.