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Learn more about where and which new markets in developing countries emerge, how companies are making concrete use of these new business opportunities, and which development cooperation instruments are helping companies to do so.

Global skiing

Novices on the slopes

Issue 86 - spring 2020
Ski magic can not only be experienced in the classic ski regions of Europe and North America. In fact, every continent offers snow and lifts, albeit to a very different extent. The biggest hope market in the industry is the host of the 2022 Winter Olympics: China.


Knowledge turbo for international business

Issue 86 - spring 2020
What skills are required so that domestic companies can succeed in distant markets? The education and training opportunities in Austria on the subject of internationalization are varied, but emerging and developing country markets are only occasionally in the spotlight.

New Business

Austrian know-how in development business 2020

Issue 85, 86 - January - April 2020
In cooperation with international development finance providers, Austrian consultants operate in every corner of the world. We are screening successful collaborations with the World Bank and Co in 2020.

Africa Day 2019

Beyond the exotic

Issue 85 - January | February 2020
Great potential and opportunities on the neighboring continent: This is what this year's Africa Day was all about.


Austrian know-how in development business 2019

Issues from January to December 2019
Austrian companies are active in developing countries on behalf of international development finance providers. Here is a look back at successful collaborations with the World Bank and Co in 2019.

Hidden Champion

Crystal clear from Asia to Africa

Issue 85 - January | February 2020
SFC Umwelttechnik is one of those small Austrian companies that are right at the forefront of the world: thanks to a clear focus, first-class solutions and proximity to the customer.

New markets

Andiner departure

Issue 84 - November | December 2019
Slowly but surely, Peru and Bolivia are emerging from the shadows of their big neighbors. While it is still creaking and creaking politically, the economy in the two Andean countries has been running smoothly for years.

climate protection instruments

Succession unsettled

Issue 84 - November | December 2019
The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) has launched thousands of climate-friendly projects in developing countries. It is still unclear if and how it was created with the 1997 at the World Climate Summit in Kyoto ...

Austrian export day

There is more

Issue 83 - September | October 2019
At the export day of Außenwirtschaft Austria The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber was in a great mood: The success story of the domestic export industry is continuing, the future markets are in Southeast Asia and Africa.

Hidden Champion

With security around the world

Issue 83 - September | October 2019
What began as a small engineering company in post-war Vienna before 70, is today a technology supplier for traffic control centers, police or rescue around the world. Frequentis has already delivered in 140 states and is at full throttle ...



Power for the cape

Create markets

At the beginning of 2020, the renowned Harvard professor Clayton M. Christensen died who, as a pioneer in innovation management, shaped the concept of "disruptive innovation". In his last ...

African success

The book by Sangu Delle, a 17-year-old entrepreneur from Ghana, focuses on 14 young African entrepreneurs from 32 countries. Delle presents innovative start-ups and ...