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How I learned to understand the world

Controversial helpers

Issue 83 - September | October 2019
The fact that the engagement of NGOs in crisis countries can also be counterproductive has meanwhile reached the development discourse. The American political scientist Patrice C. McMahon walks in her ...

How I learned to understand the world

Lord of the facts

Issue 83 - September | October 2019
The physician Hans Rosling was among others for his bestseller "Factfulness", which pleads in times of fake news and hysteria for a fact-based worldview, ...

The moment of lift

Girl Power

Issue 82 - July | August 2019
With her foundation, Melinda and Bill Gates are among the largest private donors in the world. About her encounters and experiences in the context of her international ...

The Business of Changing the World


Issue 82 - May | June 2019
The founder of the Devex platform Raj Kumar is considered one of the big voices of the international development community. In his new book he outlines how innovative companies, ...

Big Barrels

Blessing instead of curse

Issue 81 - May | June 2019
In Big Barrels, Cameroonian author and lawyer NJ Ayuk provides an African perspective on the continent's oil and gas industry - and ...

Energy transition in the desert

Power from the desert

Issue 81 - May | June 2019
Just 10 years ago, the idea was exotic: in the deserts of North Africa and the Middle East, electricity was used to power local and ...

How we made it in Africa

Success stories

Issue 80 - March | April 2019
If you want to get an insight into the business opportunities of our neighboring continent based on exciting success stories, you will find it in "How we made it in Africa". Author Jaco ...

Africa's Business Revolution

Africa Guide

Issue 80 - March | April 2019
Broad Facts Base, insightful expert advice: "Africa's Business Revolution" is an indispensable guide for any entrepreneur who wants to conquer the African market ...

Money Well Spent

Well invested

Issue 79 - January I February 2019
Broad criticism of the first edition of "Money Well Spent" led the authors Paul Brest and Hal Harvey now to a new edition and a more reflective, ...

Another capitalism is feasible

Schedule change

Issue 79 - January I February 2019
In his new book, microcredit inventor Muhammed Yunus outlines a "roadmap for a better future" based on social business. Their inventive spirit is for ...