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You can read the latest short news from the area of ​​business and development here. The focus is on current developments in national and international development, trade and economic policy as well as current topics and events relating to sustainability and corporate responsibility.

Supply chain_wood factory in Vietnam

Supply Chain Act

Germany: Human rights due diligence by law from 2023

The coalition in Germany has agreed on a supply chain law: From 2023, large German companies will have to pay more attention to compliance with human rights standards. In the long term, Austrian companies are also well advised to deal with these issues.
Many initiatives aim to make companies take on more responsibility.

Human rights due diligence

Not mandatory (yet)

In many countries, the corporate responsibility of internationally active companies is discussed. However, a corresponding initiative in Switzerland recently failed.
Development cooperation in Austria will have more money available in the future.

Development Cooperation

External aid in plus

Austria is increasing its funding for development cooperation. In addition, a new special representative will be appointed for coordination.
The Rebel Meat team impressed with climate-friendly meat products.

Greenstart & Energy Globe Awards

Environmental stars Made in Austria

Magazine 89 - Winter 2020
"Rebel Meat" with its meat-reduced burger patties, "Traivelling" as the first rail travel agency for climate-friendly travel and "Green Sentinel" with its innovative process for processing ...

New business models

Circle 17: Focus on the SDG

Three intensive days of digital exchange about business models in the light of the global goals for sustainable development (SDG) and the start of new partnerships - the ...
Sindbad is one of eight applicants for the GASBA Prize.

Get Active Social Business Award

GASBA 2020: Shortly before victory

The eight finalists of the “Get active Social Business Award” GASBA 2020 are just before the finish line. Among them, for example, is Sindbad, the young people ...
New research center at the Vienna University of Applied Sciences of WKW Vienna

Josef Ressel Center for Collective Action and Responsible Partnerships

New research center for business cooperation

The challenges of our time can hardly be mastered by companies alone. The newly founded in October at the Vienna University of Applied Sciences of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce ...
The ASRA Award was presented online this year.

ASRA 2020

ASRA 2020: Best reports virtually awarded

These are the eight winners of ASRA 2020 for the best sustainability reports from Austrian companies.
Used car number

The current number

Used Cars: Second Life in Africa

There is a life after the end, at least in the automotive industry. Every year millions of decommissioned cars, vans and minibuses make long journeys by ship ...
Successful companies like Andritz give hope for foreign trade in Austria.

Foreign trade

Hope for 2021

Due to the corona pandemic, Austrian exports and imports are shrinking massively this year. However, individual success stories give hope.