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Find out how companies are implementing global responsibility in emerging and developing countries in practice, what success social business models can have, and how partnerships between companies and development cooperation actors are making sustainable development possible!

Market-creating innovations

See new markets

Issue 86 - spring 2020
For politicians, non-voters are a hotly contested target group. At the same time, the situation is different in business: too few entrepreneurs have radar on those who do not have access to existing products. The concept of market creating innovations by Harvard professor Clayton Christensen should change that.


Climate factor forest

Issue 86 - spring 2020
To protect the environment and the climate, there are more and more initiatives to restore forests worldwide. If you want to restore destroyed forests sustainably, you should also pay attention to long-term use. It is important to get all the players on board.

Economic Partnerships

Use instead of burning

Issue 86 - spring 2020
With natural gas-powered city buses, the Austrian start-up ETEFA wants to bring about a change in Nigeria's diesel-dominated public transport. The Austrian Development Agency supported the development of the market.


Stop erosion

Issue 86 - spring 2020
No European country suffers from soil erosion as much as Albania. CNVP Isuf Omuri's forest expert sees ways to counter the loss of soil and rock.

Valuable raw material

Bamboo: grandiose grass

Issue 85 - January | February 2020
Not only pandas and panpipe players appreciate bamboo: the plant is a sought-after raw material for products as diverse as socks and toothbrushes, dashboards and parquet floors, scaffolding and wind turbines.

Economic Partnerships

Professionals forge

Issue 85 - January | February 2020
With the Meister Training Center, the Kosovar entrepreneur Hysni Ymeri has launched a practical training center for technical professions in Pristina and was able to count on the support of the Austrian Development Agency.


In time on the spot

Issue 84 - November | December 2019
Long wait for medication, donor blood, oxygen or surgery can be fatal. Three young West African entrepreneurs save lives by improving access to medical care - while keeping up the pace.


A new movement

Issue 84 - November | December 2019
Especially in emerging and developing countries, the circular economy offers great opportunities to save resources and create added value. Partnerships between companies are key to effective implementation.

Economic Partnerships

Cashew Business

Issue 84 - November | December 2019
Harvested in Africa, cracked in Asia - that used to be true for hundreds of thousands of tons of cashews. Environment consultant Paul Schreilechner wants to change that and opened a processing plant in Tanzania for 2017. The Austrian Development Agency ADA supported in the start phase.


The blue field

Issue 83 - September | October 2019
From nearly zero to 80 million tonnes in 60 years: Aquaculture is experiencing unprecedented global growth. The industry can be part of the solution for future global food - if it finds solutions to urgent problems.



Power for the cape

Create markets

At the beginning of 2020, the renowned Harvard professor Clayton M. Christensen died who, as a pioneer in innovation management, shaped the concept of "disruptive innovation". In his last ...

African success

The book by Sangu Delle, a 17-year-old entrepreneur from Ghana, focuses on 14 young African entrepreneurs from 32 countries. Delle presents innovative start-ups and ...