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Find out how companies are implementing global responsibility in emerging and developing countries in practice, what success social business models can have, and how partnerships between companies and development cooperation actors are making sustainable development possible!

Economic Partnerships

WiPa: Gaining a foothold in Africa

Issue 94 - spring 2022
For Dutch flower and food plant expert Delphy, sub-Saharan Africa is an important promising market. Several national teams prepare the terrain. The Austrian Development Agency supports a Delphy consultancy project in Kenya.

Cool solutions: A few degrees cooler

Magazine 94 – Spring 2022
Because the earth is getting warmer, people need more cooling. Even simple structural measures can help to reduce heat stress.

CO2 certificates: Not just hot air

Issue 93 - Winter 2021/22
Many companies want to make a contribution to climate protection. One way that is not undisputed is offsetting your own greenhouse gas emissions. New rules that were adopted at the World Climate Conference in Glasgow make the market clearer. And local social entrepreneurs are also successfully involved in the sale of CO2 certificates.


Sanitation: Small business, big business

Issue 93 - Winter 2021/22
Because the world cannot wait until everyone has a classic toilet, resourceful companies are turning to alternative solutions.

Economic Partnerships

WiPa: 250 sofas and more

Issue 93 - Winter 2021/22
The project and hotel outfitter Foness Designwerk from Vienna offered two furniture manufacturers in Vushtri, Kosovo, development opportunities in cooperation with the Austrian Development Agency. One got out, the other took off.

SDG pioneers 2021

SDG pioneers: working with an agenda

Issue 92 - Fall 2021
The SDG Pioneers 2021 show how sustainability can actually be implemented in core business.

Alliance to End Plastic Waste

Together against plastic pollution

Issue 92 - Fall 2021
The Alliance to End Plastic Waste wants to take action against plastic waste and preserve plastics as a resource - for example with Project STOP.

Economic Partnerships

Retrieval of the forest in Albania

Issue 92 - Fall 2021
The cellulose fiber group Lenzing has opened a new chapter in its commitment to sustainable business with a reforestation project in Albania. The Austrian Development Agency supports the initiative.

Raw Materials

Baobab: Africa's superfruit

Issue 91 - summer 2021
Africa's imposing baobab trees thrive in harsh conditions and can live for more than a thousand years. Its vitamin and fiber-rich fruits - in powder form - are being consumed more and more frequently in Europe and the USA. But baobab has not yet made its big market breakthrough.

Economic Partnerships

WiPa: pasture instead of coal

Issue 91 - summer 2021
An international consortium is helping Serbia to expand renewable energies. The promoters expect a first breakthrough from the development of a biomass market. The Austrian Development Agency ADA is supporting the project in the pilot phase.

Lost supplier

Jobs for refugees

World Champion

Good News



The longstanding Africa correspondent Bartholomäus Grill outlines a multifaceted and thoroughly personal image of Africa.
Frontiers in Social Innovation

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"Frontiers in Social Innovation" is a practical and multi-faceted guide for social enterprises.