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TTTech: Crisis winner technology

Issue 90 - spring 2021
Georg Kopetz, CEO of the TTTech Group, emphasizes in an interview with corporAID the opportunities new technologies offer for growth and sustainable development. He wants Europe to be more strongly positioned in terms of technology policy and sees China as a role model when it comes to market development through technology exports.


Our growth markets are everywhere

Issue 77 - September | October 2018
Mühlviertler Maschinenbauer Engel manufactures injection molding machines for the plastics industry. CEO Stefan Engleder explains why his industry is particularly affected by the growth of the world's population ...


Greiner CEO Axel Kühner: Globalization has proven itself

Issue 91 - summer 2021
For Axel Kühner, CEO of the Upper Austrian family company Greiner, it is not only globalization that is one of the winners of the crisis. The pandemic has also given plastics a new status, he says in an interview with corporAID.


Africa expert: facts instead of fiction

Issue 85 - January | February 2020
Landry Signé, Africa expert at the Brookings Institution, looks with optimism at the development of Africa: growth everywhere. And he also sees great opportunities in the new African free trade agreement.


Innio CEO Carlos Lange: We are helping to shape the energy transition

Issue 92 - Fall 2021
For Carlos Lange, CEO of the Jenbacher gas engine manufacturer Innio, globalization is a success story with a future. In an interview with corporAID, he explains how his company is preparing and helping to shape the transformation of the energy sector.

Africa is 24 times green

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Net positive

The balance is right

Paul Polman and Andrew Winston explain in their joint work "Net positive" how companies thrive by giving more than they take.
Kesho Business

Future continent

Companies should take a serious look at African markets, recommends Hans Stoisser in his new book "Kesho Business".