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You can read the latest short news from the area of ​​business and development here. The focus is on current developments in national and international development, trade and economic policy as well as current topics and events relating to sustainability and corporate responsibility.

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More energy from above

There is a lot more going on on the roofs of Vienna than can be seen from the street: On a total area of ​​around 500.000 square meters, more than 200 solar power plants are now doing their work under the sun.
Report on sustainable investments

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Sustainable investments: pleasing dynamics

Social and environmental factors are increasingly playing a key role in the conventional financial business in the DACH region - so the pleasing conclusion of a recent market report from the ...

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SDG partner exchange

Actively bringing together new partners - that was the goal of a matchmaking event in Vienna, to which respACT and AustrianStart-ups invited as part of the Circle17 initiative in February.
The Viktualia Award is now looking for ambitious projects and ideas for avoiding food waste.

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Startup competition Greenstart: Price rain for green ideas

You did it: At the end of May, three young Austrian companies won the start-up competition Greenstart with their ideas on the subject of resource conservation, which this year for the fourth time ...

Global Business

Better neighbors

A close relationship with Africa is likely to be a major concern of the EU Commission that started in late 2019.

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Lufthansa: Bio-Sprit has its price

Lufthansa's response to the climate debate is called Compensaid. This portal is intended to give passengers the opportunity to invest in sustainable fuel, which ...

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Price for small steps

Esther Duflo, Abhijit Banerjee and Michael Kremer were awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics 2019 for their experimental approach to poverty reduction. According to the jury, the ...
Even plastic waste from rich countries ends up in the oceans. A new agreement is now to take action against it.

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Pact against plastic waste

Plastic waste is now being shipped on a large scale to poorer, especially Southeast Asian countries. Japan, the USA and Germany alone are 2018 million in 2,5 ...
The US NBA promotes basketball in Africa by establishing its own professional league.

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Professional league for Africa

The US National Basketball Association NBA is breaking new ground and founding a professional basketball league in Africa. "There are tremendous opportunities for the development of basketball on ...

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The goals in view

Also this year the corporate network Global Compact of the United Nations has selected "SDG Pioneers" in ten categories: Executives who are committed to the ...