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You can read the latest short news from the area of ​​business and development here. The focus is on current developments in national and international development, trade and economic policy as well as current topics and events relating to sustainability and corporate responsibility.

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500 billion banknotes: paper in the luggage

With a million euros cash recently two Germans wanted to fly from Barcelona to Istanbul - and did not get far. Because: cash from 10.000 Euro ...
The Rebel Meat team impressed with climate-friendly meat products.

Greenstart & Energy Globe Awards

Environmental stars Made in Austria

Magazine 89 - Winter 2020
"Rebel Meat" with its meat-reduced burger patties, "Traivelling" as the first rail travel agency for climate-friendly travel and "Green Sentinel" with its innovative process for processing ...
The Viktualia Award is now looking for ambitious projects and ideas for avoiding food waste.

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Viktualia Award 2019: Precious Food

Around 157.000 tonnes of food and leftovers totaling one billion euros end up in waste every year in Austria. With the initiative "Food is precious!" ...
Winner 2019 of the Josef Umdasch Research Award

Who moves Austria

Josef Umdasch Research Award: Ideas from all over the world

157 submissions from 63 countries show: The Josef Umdasch Research Prize, which is awarded annually by the Umdasch Group, is a popular competition for innovative start-ups from ...

Corona crisis

Help for exporters

Austrian export companies broadly accept the aid package from the Austrian Control Bank. The budget was therefore increased to three billion euros at the end of May.

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Jumia: Africa on Wall Street

In April, the first tech start-up from Africa celebrated its debut on Wall Street: online retailer Jumia - the name means "fly away" - chose ...

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Exports: More Asia & Africa

With exports expected to be worth 150 billion euros, the domestic exporter 2018 is likely to have set a new record. Many countries with the biggest ...
Many African countries already have experience in containing highly contagious diseases after the Ebola epidemic. © Dominic Chavez / World Bank


Aid packages for poorer countries

The COVID-19 pandemic poses enormous challenges not only for industrialized countries, but also for developing regions. Increased cooperation and monetary aid packages should now support poorer countries.
With various programs Adidas is fighting against the plastic tide in the sea.

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Aldi & Adidas: More and more recycling

Aldi intensifies its fight against plastic waste worldwide: After the discount giant had already abolished free plastic fruit and vegetable bags in its stores in June, ...
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Shrinking forest

It is finely grained, hard and resistant and ideally suited for the construction of instruments and furniture: rosewood is considered the "ivory of the forest" ...