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You can read the latest short news from the area of ​​business and development here. The focus is on current developments in national and international development, trade and economic policy as well as current topics and events relating to sustainability and corporate responsibility.


The current number

Lost supplier

Ukraine and Russia provided more than a quarter of the globally traded wheat. Bottlenecks in global supply are now threatening.

Climate Lab in Vienna

House of Climate Protection

In Vienna's Spittelau, the Climate Lab is Austria's first innovation hub for everything to do with climate protection.
Refugee jobs

Ukraine war

Jobs for refugees

New job platforms connect Ukrainian refugees and Austrian companies.
Fertilizer Brazil

food supply

Broken chains

Agricultural giant Brazil, whose export business is dominated by soya, corn and coffee, is feeling the effects of the war in Ukraine.
Ukraine wheat

food supply

granary in war

Egypt is particularly dependent on wheat imports from Ukraine and Russia. The war in Europe could also lead to social unrest in North Africa.

compact factory

Vaccination solution for Africa

Pharmaceutical manufacturer Biontech has developed a mobile production facility for vaccines: The Biontainer is to be used in Africa.
ARBO Vienna

War in Ukraine

Help in the crisis

In view of the war in Ukraine, numerous domestic companies are supporting people on site and on the run.

Get Active Social Business Award

Clothes swap app wins

The clothing swap app Uptraded won the Get Active Social Business Award and received 73.500 euros in prize money.

New report

Africa is 24 times green

McKinsey has identified 24 business opportunities for a green and low carbon industry in Africa.

Innovative vaccine distribution

Quick help from above

In a pilot program in Ghana, the robotics company Zipline is testing the delivery of Covid vaccines using drones.