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News in brief

You can read the latest short news from the area of ​​business and development here. The focus is on current developments in national and international development, trade and economic policy as well as current topics and events relating to sustainability and corporate responsibility.

The Crowd4Climate platform offers the possibility of small investments.

Crowd4Climate platform

Climate protection from 250 euros

The Austrian Crowd4Climate platform handles loans for energy and climate protection projects - also for small investors from 250 euros. Two current campaigns are dedicated to renewable energies in Africa.
Caused a stir at the Verbund X Accelerator: Start-up Swimsol from Vienna

Innovation platform Verbund X Accelerator

Islands for Austria

300 start-ups have applied to the Verbund X Accelerator innovation platform to fine-tune energy and infrastructure solutions - six promising projects have now been selected.
The UN Global Compact aims to make corporate sustainability more measurable and visible.

UN Global Compact

More ambition asked

New strategy of the UN Global Compact: Companies should make their progress in corporate responsibility more measurable - and there will be more offers tailored to SMEs.
The RecycleMich initiative is supported by 35 beverage brands.

"RecycleMich" initiative

Incentive to collect

The Austrian initiative RecycleMich is testing a digital incentive system to increase the collection rate for one-way beverage packaging.
The export price of the Chamber of Commerce

Austrian export award

New export champions

For the 26th time, the export award was given to domestic companies that have made particular contributions to export and internationalization in recent years.
Current number forest

The current number

Shrinking forest

It is finely grained, hard and resistant and ideally suited for the construction of instruments and furniture: rosewood is considered the "ivory of the forest" ...
The USA are increasingly relying on development aid

US development policy

New look to the outside

Under the new President Joe Biden, the US is again focusing more on development policy and multilateralism - and is providing four billion dollars, among other things, for the Covax vaccination initiative.
OMV and Post are cooperating on electromobility.

New cooperation between OMV and Post

Green hydrogen for climate-friendly logistics

OMV and Austrian Post are working together to promote electromobility with the help of hydrogen fuel cells for truck traffic.
Mondi wants to think about sustainability right from the product development stage.

Mondi sustainability plan

Signpost until 2030

The packaging and paper group Mondi has presented a new sustainability plan - and is announcing improvements along the entire value chain.
Manner is Austria's largest Fairtrade cocoa processor.


Fair growth on the confectionery shelf

Manner becomes the largest processor of Fairtrade cocoa in Austria: From now on, all wafers and slices will be made with fair trade cocoa.