Looking east

Frederik Schäfer, corporAID

Edition 89 - Winter 2020

Frederik Schäfer, corporAID team
Frederik Schäfer, corporAID

It is now known that Europe is not the center of the world. Dealing with the corona crisis is also far more efficient elsewhere. Many East Asian countries are keeping the number of infections low even without nationwide lockdowns - the economy there is recovering accordingly quickly. And that doesn't just apply to Japan or South Korea, but also to emerging countries like Vietnam, which is becoming more and more interesting for European companies every year. But it is also clear: The aggressive corona measures that Vietnam is pursuing would not be feasible in a democratic country for good reason. At the moment, the Vietnamese population seems to be able to live well with the government's dual course - economically open, politically rigorous. But whether the next generation, growing up in increasing prosperity, will not sooner or later call out for more political freedom and transparency, as is currently seen in Thailand, for example, is likely to become an important question for Vietnam. 

Photo: Mihai M. Mitrea