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Gudrun Zimmerl

Gudrun Zimmerl wrote from 2014 to 2019 for corporAID magazine and was responsible for Global CSR and Sustainability.


Effectiveness counts

Issue 83 - September | October 2019
The German government currently wants to know from 1.800 companies how to exercise their human rights due diligence - respect for human rights in the company and in the ...


Get in the boat

Issue 82 - July | August 2019
In order to ensure sustainability in the value chain, companies usually oblige their suppliers via codes of conduct to comply with environmental and social standards. The reference framework is often international ...


Sharing responsibility

Issue 81 - May | June 2019
Child labor or forced labor are still a reality in global supply chains. The National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights adopted by the German Federal Government 2016 calls on companies ...


Look at the whole

Issue 80 - March | April 2019
There are numerous awards for responsible business. For the most part, award-winning lighthouse projects are easily communicated that do not necessarily address the core business. That's good and important, ...



Issue 77 - September | October 2018
Not only do companies have to bring financial benefits, but they also need to demonstrate their positive contribution to society, the chief executive officer of the world's largest asset manager BlackRock urged ...


How does it work?

Issue 78 - November | December 2018
Have you also wondered if the high temperatures of this summer as well as the mild autumn could be harbingers of climate change? Even if it...


Unfortunately, no topic

Issue 77 - September | October 2018
Corporate Responsibility (CSR) is based on voluntariness - not least because corporate responsibility should be considered value-adding and innovative, meaning that it does not meaningfully ...