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Since 2003, corporAID has been reporting on business-oriented development cooperation and how to create innovative solutions for sustainable global development through corporate responsibility.

guest commentary

Sustainability in Global Supply Chains: Will to Consensus

Issue 78 - November | December 2018
Josef Wieland reports on the development of a policy paper on CSR in Germany.

The current number

500 billion banknotes: paper in the luggage

With a million euros cash recently two Germans wanted to fly from Barcelona to Istanbul - and did not get far. Because: cash from 10.000 Euro ...


Sustainability and digitalization

St. Poelten, 10. October 2018
300 participants discussed with experts, company representatives, start-ups and scientists at the CSR day 2018 organized by respACT how digitalization can be used for a livable future. October in St. Pölten.

Who moves Austria

Social Business Award: 89.000 jumpstart

Already to the 12. This year, the "Get Active Social Business Award" will take place - a competition to promote business-worthy social projects, jointly organized by Coca-Cola, ...

Who moves Austria

respACT serves a sustainable summer menu

Business lunch and summer brunch: In July, the CSR company platform respACT hosted three network meetings. The Entrée formed an event in Salzburg on the potential of ...

Foreign Trade Austria

Forum Economy & Development 2018

Vienna, 5. September 2018
In the center of the Forum Economy and Development 2018 the Außenwirtschaft Austria were successful business models that make a positive contribution to society and the environment in developing countries.

news flash

Bloomberg New Energy Finance: 1.000 GW milestone

The global installed output of solar and wind energy has exceeded the 1.000 gigawatt mark this year, according to analyzes by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Noteworthy: 90 percent ...

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Silk Road study

With the Belt-and-Road-Initiative, China wants to create a new economic area from Western China to Central Europe. The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies is engaged in a new ...

Austrian know-how

Municipal development with funding from the Asian Development Bank

Uzbekistan In Uzbekistan, the Asian Development Bank is promoting the modernization of waste management: from the nationwide roll-out of system waste collection through to energetic waste recycling. The Viennese consultant GWCC-Interival ...

news flash

New SDG guide

The United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda, launched at the beginning of 2016, is being driven forward with Impetus, and its economic potential will increase, according to a report published at the beginning of 2017 entitled "Better Business, ...