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Since 2003, corporAID has been reporting on business-oriented development cooperation and how to create innovative solutions for sustainable global development through corporate responsibility.

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Boehringer Ingelheim: Healthier Africa

At the beginning of August, Boehringer Ingelheim presented the new initiative "In Reach Africa", with which the pharmaceutical company wishes to contribute to strengthening the African health system. To...

Who moves Austria

Sustainable together

The sustainability goals of companies do not thrive in private, but develop primarily in dialogue with key stakeholders - this is emphasized by three new ...

Who moves Austria

20 years of eco business

Oeko Business Vienna is celebrating its 20 this year. Jubilee: To date, 1.229 Viennese companies have taken part in the initiative, which saves companies energy savings, waste ...

The current number

Global geese house

The high temperatures of this summer pleased not only sun worshipers, but also cold suppliers: More and more people want a fresh breeze at the push of a button - and are buying air conditioning ...

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Complaint from the Court of Auditors

A report presented by the Court of Auditors in July does not go very well with the Austrian measures to implement the 2030 agenda and the 17 global ...

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Money for climate protection

The German state-owned KfW development bank has provided 2017 with a record amount of 8,2 billion euros for financing in emerging and developing countries, more than half of them ...

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Food in the trash

One third of the world's food (1,6 billion tons annually) ends up in garbage, and the trend is rising. To this analysis comes a new report from the Boston Consulting ...

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Shaping change

From the 15. to 31. August 2018, 5.000 participants from business, politics, science and culture exchange ideas at the European Forum Alpbach in the context of ...

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Successful Business

Large Austrian companies continue to be active in emerging and developing countries, as numerous reports show: Doppelmayr is currently planning the first urban gondola lift in sub-Saharan Africa ...

The Cost Benefit Revolution

Politics by numbers

Issue 77 - September I October 2018
Cass Sunstein, a law professor at Harvard and an adviser to the Obama administration, is considered one of the most prolific and most-cited lawyers in the US. In his latest book ...