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Since 2003, corporAID has been reporting on business-oriented development cooperation and how to create innovative solutions for sustainable global development through corporate responsibility.


African solutions

Issue 95 - summer 2022
Antonella Mei-Pochtler, Special Advisor in the Federal Chancellery, on the Kofi Annan Award for Innovation in Africa and a new perspective on the continent.

The current number

Booming cities

The urbanization of the world is progressing. The current 35 cities with more than 10 million inhabitants will be joined by eight by 2030.

guest commentary

respACT stands for responsible action

Issue 95 - summer 2022
Daniela Knieling, Managing Director of respACT, on the necessary transformation of the economy towards sustainability.

Impact Investing

Impact pays off

The Gutmann OeEB Impact Fund was able to mobilize EUR 72 million from 48 private and institutional investors.

The Other Dark Matter

Dark matter

Issue 95 - summer 2022
Journalist Lina Zeldovich explains in a humorous and informative way how people deal with their excrement.

How the World Really Works


Issue 95 - summer 2022
Researcher Vaclav Smil offers a fact-based and detail-oriented reality check on the global economy.

corporAID conference 2022

corporAID Conference 2022 – Global Austria

1010 Vienna, 02.06.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX
The corporAID conference highlights how emerging and developing countries are gaining in importance in the face of crises and upheavals. Register now.

corporAID Multilogue

corporAID Multilogue: E-learning in the qualification of skilled workers. Opportunities and Limits in Emerging...

WKO Vienna, Room 2 (plus online via YouTube)
You can look forward to contributions by Florian Sereinigg, E-Learning Team Leader at KNAPP Human Resources, and Barbara Geyer, Head of the E-Learning and Knowledge Management course at Burgenland University of Applied Sciences.

The current number

Lost supplier

Ukraine and Russia provided more than a quarter of the globally traded wheat. Bottlenecks in global supply are now threatening.

Climate Lab in Vienna

House of Climate Protection

In Vienna's Spittelau, the Climate Lab is Austria's first innovation hub for everything to do with climate protection.