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Issue 83 - September | October 2019

CEO Norbert Haslacher on the future plans and growth markets of the technology company Frequentis

Frequentis is the world leader in several safety-critical areas. How should it continue? 

Haslacher: With our product portfolio, we want to achieve market leadership in existing markets or to further expand our market position. The intensive cooperation with our key accounts and the establishment of a strong partner network will support us. In general, increasing global mobility and growing international awareness of risk coupled with the desire to monitor and optimize traffic and public safety are strong growth drivers for the Frequentis Group. 

Which markets do you have in mind?

Haslacher: We are already present with our entire portfolio in many parts of Europe, in the USA and Canada, and we have implemented flagship projects in a number of countries. An important goal now is to strengthen our footprint in those countries where we are only represented in one or two segments. I see the Middle East and Asia on the rise. We were and are also active in Africa, but above all, the continent is a market of hope. We keep an eye on it and are there as soon as the air traffic really takes off.

What does innovation mean for Frequentis?

Haslacher: We are recognized as a recognized innovation leader, we are represented by our employees - 75 percent specialists from technology, natural sciences and IT - in all relevant standardization committees and are involved in large international research projects. In the previous year, we also founded a central unit for structured business development. This is working on a number of new business areas - keyword management of drones in air traffic control - and on expanding existing business areas. 

Can Frequenti offer simpler solutions to poorer countries?

Haslacher: For security-relevant applications, no compromises are possible, which is why our products are basically the same for all markets. Depending on the environment, however, grading is possible when connecting to existing systems and the complexity of the solutions. 

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