Africa First!

Agenda for Africa

Edition 89 - Winter 2020

In their new book, the authors outline an agenda for sustainable economic development in Africa.

The authors draft an agenda for development in Africa.

“If we want to overcome poverty in Africa, it is not enough to just stimulate growth,” say entrepreneur Martin Schoeller and business journalist Daniel Schönwitz. In their fact-rich joint work, they outline a development agenda for Africa that relies on sustainable growth impulses through infrastructure development on the one hand and fair wages and social standards on the other. And: You are calling for Europe to be involved. According to the authors, the richer neighbor can and must help shape Africa's future - and will benefit from it themselves. 

M. Schoeller, D. Schönwitz Africa First! The agenda for our common future, Berg & Feierabend 2020, 232 pages, EUR 22