Wind power is also considered an industry of the future in Africa.

13.01.2022 A significant expansion of the productive sector is right at the top of the agenda for many African countries. If this is not accompanied by efforts to decarbonise the global fight against climate change and, in the long term, the economic development of Africa will fall behind - after all, more and more countries are introducing taxes on greenhouse gas emissions from imported goods. According to a new report by McKinsey, 24 business opportunities that combine feasibility, market potential and environmental impact are particularly suitable for a green, low-emission and internationally competitive African industry. Specifically, the production of components for wind turbines, electric cars, motorcycles and boat engines, plywood and agricultural ethanol are mentioned. The processing of vegetable proteins and the production of insect-based protein feed, in addition to the development of self-sufficient energy systems, are among the green business opportunities.

Photo: Dennis Schroeder / NREL